Art History and Theory Tuition

An understanding of Art History and Theory is fundamental for students wishing to seriously pursue Art. I was lucky enough to do an A-Level in 20th Century Art History, taught by an unstoppable, engaging and straight-talking tutor. I have loved the subject ever since, and hope to pass on this enthusiasm to my students.

During my Foundation at AUB, I borrowed this book from the library. I was into candles and incense back then, and a late evening mishap led to this:

I paid for the book and kept the burnt copy, not knowing that I would use an image of it in the Theory Lectures I gave at AUB some eighteen years later. Aside from a warning to students to take care of library resources, I wanted to make a point about rejecting (or not) traditional art criticism, and to grab the students' attention.

All too often, these subjects can be viewed as either stuffy, intimidating or exclusive. My aim is to make critical skills accessible to every student, so that they can apply them in a way that is meaningful to them, using the formal narratives of Art History and the rigours of Theory as a springboard.

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