A chance online encounter with a professional dancer in Canada who shared my name led to a creative collaboration, which we documented on the Tumblr blog, lucymirrorlucy.

Stucco in the Past


In 2014 I travelled to Mexico to undertake a residency at Arquetopia in Puebla and Oaxaca. I kept a record of my expereinces and output on the blog Stucco in the Past.


Proper Shapes

Proper Shapes is where I keep all my writings on sculpture, the decorative arts and interesting places I've visited. Some posts are re-blogged from the Mexico blog and my personal blog.

The Parcel Talks

The Parcel Talks is a highly personal blog that was active between and 2011 and 2015. The name comes from my online alias, Talking Parcel, which is a reference to the animated feature film of that name, by Cosgrove Hall, 1982. The film is based on the book by Gerald Durrell.

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