Planking on a mountain in Oaxaca, Mexico.


Photo credit: Whitney Lewis Smith

I used to run a bit, swim a bit, go to the gym sometimes too.. but nothing really stuck until I walked into Bloodline Gym in London in 2007. 


I had tried Muay Thai before, but wanted to find some people of my own size and experience to train with. What I found was a tight knit and diverse community of fun, supportive people, whose dedication, skill and professionalism got me hooked on the sport.


I became absorbed in gym life and went from being an unconditioned novice to fighting in the ring within a few years.


I had watched fights in Thailand prior to trying Muay Thai, but on subsequent visits I tried out training in gyms there and found a new appreciation for the so-called 'science of eight limbs'.

My experiences naturally led me to become interested in other combat sports and martial arts. I also found that I enjoyed encouraging others in the sport and passing on what I had learned.

In 2017 I undertook studies in Personal Training to educate myself in basic principles of Fitness and Nutrition, and provide a foundation for training both myself and others.

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